Six Kansas Schools win True Value Foundation Grant


Painting a Brighter Future 2018
Susan B. Anthony Middle School representatives receive 30-gallons of EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint from Waters True Value in Manhattan through the True Value Foundation’s Painting a Brighter Future Grant. From left: Julie Head, AMS Reading teacher; Mike Guinn, Store Manager, Waters True Value -Manhattan; Vickie Kline, AMS Principal; and Melissa Triana, AMS Financial Secretary.

(SALINA  – Aug. 9, 2018) – A fresh coat of paint brightens any room, and this summer six Kansas schools received 30 gallons of donated paint to refresh their learning environment. Central Elementary School, Hoisington High School, Olpe High School, Smoky Valley Middle School, Susan B. Anthony Middle School (AMS) and Wamego High School are recipients of a paint grant through Waters True Value’s partnership with True Value Foundation’s Painting a Brighter Future program. A True Value Foundation paint grant helps improve a school’s learning environment and can have an impact on student attitudes and academic performance.

As a fifth-generation Kansas company, we couldn’t be more excited to give back to our communities and help our local schools through True Value Foundation’s Painting a Brighter Future program,” said Jim Waters, President and CEO of Waters True Value. “The donation will not only save our schools some money, but more importantly will create an environment that fosters learning, inspires creativity and instills community pride.”

Partnering with True Value Foundation, Waters True Value nominated all six schools for a 30-gallon paint grant to help refresh their learning spaces. Each school plans to use the donated paint on various projects ranging from inspirational mural wall art to a school-wide paint refresh.

AMS plans to use the paint donated to us to retouch and refresh hallways throughout the building,” said Melissa Triana, AMS Financial Secretary. “The existing paint on our walls is original to the building’s décor from 1996, so this paint will go a long way to cover patches, fingerprints and smudges created from over 20 years of students.”

Triana adds, “Our faculty and staff appreciate every chance we’re given to present our best image to the community we serve. This paint from Waters True Value gives us the opportunity to do just that without utilizing precious funds meant to be allocated to our students.”

For more information on the Painting a Brighter Future grant, visit

True Value Foundation unites retailers in helping improve the lives of children in the communities True Value serves. The foundation advocates for youth and serves as a catalyst to provide tools and resources to help youth realize their dreams and achieve their potential. The foundation encourages its partners to get involved and give back through volunteerism, mentorship, community improvements, and raising funds.

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