Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Here’s to the moms who put in a 24 hour day and still laugh over knock-knock jokes heard for the trillionth time, who bandage up imaginary boo-boos and can make a meal out of miscellaneous items from the fridge. To the moms who have watched their little babies turn into grown ups who don’t call often enough, the ones who secretly love still doing your laundry and want to wrap you up in their arms no matter how big you get. To the moms with aching hearts, who’ve loved and lost.

We see you. And we love you.

So much so in fact, we’ve picked out some great gift items with you in mind. Pick your favorite(s) and forward this on to your loved ones. Because, well let’s face it, sometimes moms really have to do everything.

For the Fashionista

Does mama need a brand new purse, necklace or cover up? Shop the Simply Noelle product line available in the Waters Gift Shop. Trust us, you can’t go wrong. (And for all the husbands out there – no need to step inside a fancy schmancy boutique to get the wife something nice. Just come by your local hardware store! We got you.)

Simply Noelle PursesSimply Noelle WrapsSimply Noelle Jewlery


Soap for Okay MomsFor the Clean Freak

Soap? Really? Before you judge us – this isn’t regular soap. This is cool soap. Introducing the Soap For Okay Moms. Smells like truth and wine. Pairs well with nap time. Is also tired of perfect moms. Your kids love you anyway. Not only is it useful for the mom who likes to keep everything shining like the top of the Chrysler Building, but it should also give her a chuckle or two.

(*very limited quantities available.)

For the Green Thumb

This mom is a believer in “plants make a house feel like a home”. So why not really make her day and gift her with one! Our garden centers are literally overflowing with green goods. And guess what? All hanging baskets are Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF now through Mother’s Day. You’re welcome.

Wine A RitaFor the (budget friendly) Wine Connoisseur

Take the icyness of a frozen margarita, with the tastyness of a sweet wine and you get a Wine-a-Rita (or heaven in a glass). This is perfect for the mom who likes to unwind at the end of a chaotic week (…or mid-week, we’re not here to judge). Pick a favorite flavor or three and get to sampling!




*All product availability varies by store. Not available in Manhattan. Please contact your local Waters True Value for details.


We see you moms.

Taking care of business with a kid on your hip. Strategizing your next DIY project while you feed hordes of hungry kids. Checking out Pinterest in those 5 minutes of “you” time at 5am.

We see you doing what you do…All.Day.Long. And we think you’re pretty amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day!