Top 5 Gardening Mistakes

Avoid these top five mistakes when planting your spring flower beds or pots so you can show off your green thumb to the world!


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5. Failure to Plan

I get excited about planting my flower beds and pots. I bet you do too. I want to walk around the garden center and smell that dirt, feel the sun, maybe catch a mist or two from the hose making sure those plants are lush. However, failing to plan for your flower beds is one of the very first mistakes people make every year. In the earlier months, when things are still a bit chilly, slow your roll and start planning. Get that fun orange spray paint to mark landscape beds. Check out Pinterest for amazing ideas. Decide on a color scheme. Just make sure you have a plan of action for when that sun comes out and the flowers start a callin’ your name.

4. Baaaaad Soil

Soil always seems like such an after thought to me. I’m going to get all open with you…here goes: I am a repeat offender of putting this year’s plants in last year’s dirt. And that hard hard dirt in the new area you want to landscape? I’ve often resigned a plant to its death by just digging a hole and crossing my fingers. This does not have to happen to you (or your precious plants) this year! Take the soil by the horns and make sure it’s a comfortable, nurturing environment for all of your hard work. Another handy thing to do is to test your soil (this will make you feel like a scientist!). Bring the results into Waters, and we can help you find just what you need to get that soil in tip-top shape.

3. Not asking for help.

I know what I like. I’ve read multiple issues of Better Homes & Gardens, and I practically LIVE on Pinterest, so of course I know what I’m about to do in my garden! (Oh, that sounded shrill didn’t it?) Raise your hand if that’s you. It’s okay. We all do this. And everyone else in the greenhouse always looks like they totally know what they’re doing. And the staff are buzzing around…I shouldn’t bother them should I? YES! Our Waters greenhouse team LOVES to answer questions and help gardeners from the pros to the…not pros. So ask away. Does your garden face the north? What kind of plants would make a more natural landscapy look? Want perennials but not sure which ones? Ask away. Seriously. This investment and planning (and let’s face it, future digging) deserve this kind of expert consultation.

2. Instructions? What instructions?

I like to think that all plants love sun. Sure, some love it more than others…but put a flower in some dirt, add water and sun and voila! It should flourish right? Not right. This is what separates the green thumbs from the rest of us: The Instructions…and well, the ability or inability to follow them. 🙂 Those little plastic tags are chock full of helpful information, make sure you use it!

1. Waiting to plant…

Wait, wait, wait….I need to plant when I get home from the greenhouse? But I’ve been planning and prepping soil and discussing flowers and reading… I have to set these plants down.

It’s okay. Give your plants, and yourself, a short rest (no more than 24 hours) and get those sweetie pies in the fresh new dirt with a healthy dose of water. Then you can put your feet up…and rake in those jealous stares from your neighbors.

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    1. Oh me too Ken, me too. No shame. 🙂 But I’m trying to do better. I think people with green thumbs must be incredibly patient!

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