Storing & Organizing Paint

You know that empty shelf in your garage that holds a bazillion leftover gallons of paint with old crusty paint running down the side of them? Well, not only does it look cluttered and messy, but it also takes up a bunch of room and chances are your paint is getting ruined in the process.


  • Mason Jars
  • Paint

Want something that looks brilliant and takes up less space? Grab yourself some Ball™ mason jars and pour your leftover paint into them after each painting project, or during a cleaning/organizing moment. These jars come in all sorts of sizes. Make sure you choose jars with wide mouths (it’s easier to slip a paint brush in and out of them).

Pour your old paint into the jar (use an easy pour spout if you are worried about spills), seal that jar up nice and tight and stick a label to the top. Free Printable Paint Label - Waters True Value

Things to include on the label:

  • Brand of paint
  • Color & number of paint
  • Sheen
  • Room(s) where you used it

Here are some free printable labels you can use to make this project even easier! Print using Avery 22808, 22818, 22924 or 22962 label sheets.

Printable Paint Labels

Storing paint this way will save it from drying out. It will look so pretty it will make you smile. Plus, if you move…well, let’s just say the new homeowners may name a child after you in thanks.

Be sure to dispose of those junky old cans according to local laws and then celebrate on a job well done.

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