Nature’s “It” Plant: The Succulent

Succulents are everywhere these days. I’m drawn to them. They speak to me. Their calm serenity, their squishiness. They seem so comfortable being themselves. Potted in minimalistic containers or “junky” old treasures like teacups or toolboxes…they’re like chameleons, fitting in wherever. I’d like to believe they’re happy little plants, put on this earth to make all of us happy. So let’s get happy.


  • Rocks
  • Fertilome Ultimate Potting Soil
  • Variety of succulents
  • Sand
  • Kick-butt container


  • Gardening gloves

Don’t let their delicate looks fool you, succulents are pretty hardy plants. Follow these simple rules for planting and caring for these little guys, and they’ll love you for life.

Step 1: On the Rocks

Fill a pot with rocks about a 1/4 of the way up. You can use any kind of rock you want, save prettier rocks for later. 🙂

Step 2: Soil & Sand

Mix some high quality, airy soil (like Fertilome Ultimate) with sand. You want it to be breathable and the most perfect, comfiest environment for your succulent’s roots.

Step 3: Placement is Everything

Don’t panic, but this step is probably the most important of them all. Pick succulents you love (we’ve got LOADS of them in our Waters greenhouses – Yay!), but try and find a mix of colors, shapes and sizes. This is what keeps it interesting. Now, depending on your container, (and this is where I’m going to get weird(er) on you) and what you feel moved to do, you can either pack them in tight, or space them apart in a very zen way. Be one with the succulents. They will never steer you wrong. Don’t listen to that inner voice that tells you they need to be spaced just so. Go with your gut. Do what makes you happy. Your succulents want you to be happy.  Another tip: If you’re planting just one, don’t place it in the center of the pot. Succulents are not geraniums.

Step 4: Sprinkle it with Love

Save on Succulents!Cover your succulents with more potting soil, then add a covering of your choice. I like to use round polished rocks, something muted and earthy. You pick whatever works for you. This is like succulent therapy!

Job well done everyone. Now, water sparingly (succulents don’t like their feet to stay wet) and put in a warm environment. They’re going to love you for this…just you wait.

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