Indoor Herb Garden

I love fresh herbs. Love them. Yet, as is the paradox with all things great, whenever I need them, they’re either dead or eaten by bugs in my outdoor garden, or rotting in a plastic bag in a refrigerator drawer. Yum right? 


  • Herb Starter Plants
  • Gardening Soil
  • Containers for Planting
  • Rocks

That’s why I love having herbs grow indoors. First off, it’s handy. They’re always fresh and untainted by the natural world. Secondly, I can pay more attention to their delicate natures when they’re right under my nose. And third…well, they’re just plain darling and delicate…perfect for a kitchen windowsill or counter top.

I can already taste that fresh basil with tomatoes, the chives in butter, cilantro…enough already. Let’s get started.

1. Pick your plants!
Pick out the herbs you want to grow and make sure you understand their growing conditions. Herbs are notoriously temperamental, some like more water, others not so much…same with sun. For this reason you’ll want to get them their own pots. And think outside the pot (ha!) on this…feel free to use anything you can think of. Check out our Pinterest board “Your Green Thumb” for some awesome ideas from around the interwebs. Just make sure your “pot” can drain. Herbs don’t like to sit in a soggy mess.

2. Don’t skimp on soil.
You’ll want to use a great gardening soil that gives the herbs’ roots room to breathe and grow. I like Fertilome Ultimate. Truly…soil will make or break your herb happy ending.

3. Plant it! 
Put a layer of small rocks in the bottom of your pot, then fill with soil 3/4 of the way full. Break up the root ball on your herb starter gently and then lovingly place your herb into the pot. (Be sure to whisper to it how yummy it’s going to be when it grows up.) Top off the pot with more soil.

4. Find a happy place.
Water your herbs and place in a spot that makes both you and the herbs happy.

5. Maintenance.
Herbs loved to be trimmed. And the best way to trim them? Eat them. If you end up having more herbs than you can possibly eat (go you!), you can always freeze them in olive oil. TIP: Use an ice cube tray for perfect portions.

Do you feel like an accomplished gardener? You should. Share your herb garden masterpieces with me over on Facebook!

2 comments on “Indoor Herb Garden

  1. You and your ideas have always inspired me. You always do great things with whatever you try!! Hope they all work out for you. Good luck,
    Love Mom Louella

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