Decorating on a Budget

Taking ordinary things and turning them into something fabulous makes us feel like a full-time genius.

Taking ordinary things and turning them into something fabulous makes me feel like a full-time genius. And also extremely thrifty…in a good way.

Sometimes I want to hoard that faux genius and have everyone wonder how I became so brilliant. And sometimes…well sometimes something is just too awesome and simple I want to share it with the world. And you my friends, are the world. Here are three tips to up your decorating game with common household items:

1. Stenciling on the cheap

I don’t have to tell you how brills stenciling is. It can take a blah surface and turn it into a WOW surface. Did you know that common household items are great stencils in their spare time? Try out your laundry basket – it has great geometric shapes on each side. Cut out a flat piece of something you like and voila! Cardboard from those moving boxes you’ve been meaning to recycle can easily be turned into your own original stencil with the help of a utility knife. And my favorite? Grab anything and everything from around your house and trace its shape on your surface. Then either outline or fill in the shape with paint. You’d be surprised how well a Pringle’s can or that star-shaped candy dish can transform a room.

2. Organize with trash cans and buckets

That’s right…trash cans. I love metal stuff. Because metal equals easy spray painting. And a regular metal trashcan with lid can turn into an eye catching catch-all when painted a peacock blue. Metal buckets are equally stunning and can be used anywhere. Fill them with stuffed animals, throws, the toys you have to have in your living room but want to quickly stow away when company comes, or use them as pots for plants! No metal is safe from me and a can of spray paint.

3. Not your mother’s drawer liners

Have you seen some of the cute options for drawer and shelf liners recently? The last thing I want to do is hide them away. Pick a pattern you like and cover the bottom of a tray with it. It makes a great landing spot for keys and your favorite knick knacks, and more importantly, gives that humdrum tray a pick-me-up! Liners are also great for putting on the back of shelves or cabinetry…just a little pop of interesting in an otherwise bland landscape.


Have any great tips for common household items? I’d love to hear them! Spread your genius!

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