Plants as Insect Repellents

Ah…relaxing in the back yard, enjoying friends and family…buzzzzzzzzz…smack!

Ugh. For Real. Insects aren’t going away and spraying chemicals around your garden just feels icky…and it rarely gets the job done. So why not use nature to your advantage and enjoy some pretty plants while driving those bugs insane?

Let’s start with the most awesome:

Basil ROCKS. It tastes good, smells heavenly, and grows like crazy. You can usually find basil in the garden, but switch it up a bit and let it grow in pots on your patio table. Also…word on the street is that Lemon and Cinnamon Basil are the varieties that really do the trick. Experiment with your favs this summer and see which one works the best.

Lavender is known for it’s calming effect and popular scent, but it’s also one tough customer when it comes to repelling bugs – even fleas! Lavender can grow to the size of a large shrub, so plant it in a flower bed or a very large pot. It has incredible showy purple blooms and can be cut and dried easily.

Who knew all of these tasty little herbs were such multitaskers? I for one am pretty pleased about it. Rosemary, like other herbs, can be potted or put in a landscaped bed. You can also cut a Rosemary plant into shapes, which has got to be one of the most delightful things I’ve heard of in a long time. It also, wait for it…attracts butterflies!

These little cutie pies have been staples in gardens everywhere since, oh, the beginning of time? They are great for pops of color and are really hardy, but they also deter bugs. Lots of them! They are perfect for planting in pots and flower beds – so plant away!

I can’t pass up a good grass. They are bushy and grow fast and tall, which is great for hiding things like gas or electrical meters (or hiding your backyard from neighbors). They are also pretty easy to maintain. Lemongrass is the beautiful grass that gives us citronella, and the plant itself has a stronger scent than any citronella product on the market (yay nature!).

Pick one of them, or all of them, you can’t go wrong with this list.

And share the tips. Just think…you could be responsible for creating a really yummy and potent forcefield against insects in your neighborhood!

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