Planting in Summer

MYTH: Flowers and plants put in the ground after May 31 have a death wish.


  • Discounted Plants and Flowers
  • Fertilome Blooming and Rooting
  • Mulch


FACT: With the proper care, you can plant throughout the summer, while taking advantage of amazing discounts.

Greenhouses start slashing prices on their live goods two seconds after midnight on June 1. This isn’t because you shouldn’t plant after this date, but has more to do with the myth that plants will surely die if planted during the heat of the summer. Greenhouses also have to spend a lot of time making sure plants stay healthy by watering them almost constantly in those fast draining, little bitty, containers. So why not take advantage of the discounts? Don’t be afraid of a little heat – your plants aren’t!


1. Plant in the cooler mornings or evenings
Planting when the heat and sun are at their lowest points in the day will help you and your plants. Especially if you’re planting in a particularly sunny spot.

This is a no brainer right? We all know we need to water our plants, but make sure you know what “watering” really means. Give them a good soak, turn the water to a drip level and really allow the water to go deep into the soil. Don’t be afraid to let it run for hours.

3. Fertilize
Give your little plants and flowers a boost with some plant food. We recommend Fertilome Blooming and Rooting Plant Food. You may be tired at this point and think you can skip this step…but please don’t! Even if you’re not a Master Gardner you still deserve to see blooms all summer long. 🙂

4. Mulch
Last but not least, spread that mulch out. Mulch keeps the soil wetter longer, not to mention that it keeps things looking pretty good too.

Now go forth and scoop up those savings while maintaining the neighborhood’s best landscaped (they give out awards for that right?) yard.


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