Bee’s are responsible for pollinating about one sixth of flowering plants and approximately 400 different agricultural plants.

Bee Friendly

Bee’s are a vital part of our planet because they help in the Earths pollination process. Pollination, essentially, is how plants reproduce. Take a minute and think about how different our world would be without bees.


Our food supply would not look anything like how it does today. What are some of your favorite fruits or vegetables to eat? Bees most-likely helped in the process of pollinating your favorite type of produce. A couple of examples of produce that bees help pollinate are broccoli, asparagus, cantaloupe, cucumbers, blue berries, almonds, and apples.

Bees also help in pollinating a lot of produce that is essential to the animal kingdom. Animals that consume nuts, berries, seeds, and fruits rely on pollination. Pollination is essential to plants and animals both in order to form a healthy living habitat. If bees were not able to pollinate flowers and other plant life, the ecosystem would undergo a huge animal and plant reduction.


Not only do bees help pollinate produce, but they also produce something of their own that no other living organism makes… HONEY! Now… let’s talk about the economy involving bees. Bees contribute billions to the worlds economy. Crop production pollinated by bees is valued at $577 billion dollars. This makes up for about one-third of the worlds food consumed by Americans.



The world would not be the same without bees. Right now, many types of bees are on the endangered species list. So, how can you help our striped friends?




Here are three easy ways to help out our busy little friends:

  1. Support a ban on the use of pesticides.
  2. Urge congress to pass the Pollinator Recovery Act.
  3. Become a backdoor beekeeper and plant a bee-friendly garden.



Planning Your First Beehive:


Here at Waters True Value, we care about the future of our striped friends. Here are a couple of products we have that can help you get started in backyard beekeeping so you are ready to celebrate National Honey Bee Day on August 17, 2019. Products can be found online at or in store.






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Check out our book in order to get started and increase the worlds striped population.

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For more information on bees, and what you can do to help please visit:

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