Update Your Dining Room

Your dining room might not get a lot of love and attention on a regular basis, but it’s a great room to fix up. Dining rooms generally have less furniture and are smaller in size making them a perfect room for a simple and striking makeover!


  • Paint
  • New Fixtures
  • Curtains
  • Flowers


  • Paintbrushes
  • Drop Tarps
  • Screwdriver
  • Clamps

With just a few minor changes you can have this room transformed into something new and eye catching.

Pick a Fresh Color

Color is all the rage for wall paint these days. The dining room is a great place to try something different that will bring new life to your home.
If you are working to update a formal dining room going big and bold is always a great option. Since a formal dining room often serves as a focal piece and is used for special occasions and holidays this is a great place to try a bright red or rich blue or a fun trendy color like the 2015 color of the year – Marsala.

If your dining room is a high traffic area with lots of people running in and out you might go with a light or more neutral tone. Choose something that will make the whole family feel relaxed and comfortable. This might just encourage them to stay around the table and spend time together.

If there is a fairly good chance there will be spaghetti on the walls at some point choose a satin finish for easier clean up. This room should look beautiful and be functional and choosing an easy to clean paint finish will make it just that.

Tip: Keep the size of your dining area into mind when choosing colors. Light colors make rooms appear bigger than they really are, while dark colors can make a space feel more compact and cozy.

The experts at your local True Value hardware store can answer any questions you have about how to choose a paint color and finish. We’d love to talk to you about your painting ideas. Bring in ideas and pictures that you love to help us help you find that perfect color!

Light Fixture

Go a step further than color and update or replace your dining room light fixtures. Depending on the color scheme you have in mind, choose fixtures to match. Steel, brushed nickel and antiqued bronze finishes have a more modern feel. Brass and gold fixtures go well with a traditional look.

Keep in mind that light fixtures should be in proportion to the size and grandeur of the room. Fixture that are too large can overwhelm the room while one that’s too small might not make the statement you are going for.

If purchasing new fixtures isn’t in the budget, take down the fixture you have and give it a fresh coat of paint or a new finish. Or even try a new DIY fixture for something that fits your style.

When you’re ready to hang that cool new light, check out our handy tutorial.

Add Accents

From window treatments to table centerpieces, adding accents to a dining room can really give it that extra flare. Select an accent color were all your various pieces tie that color into the overall feel of the room. Or, you could go for a more eclectic look and choose different pieces in an array of colors and styles for a whimsical feel.

There are many options to choose from, so do your research to decide what will work with your new room design. Read interior design magazines, peruse websites and gather ideas that you like from friends and family.

To add a dramatic focal point to the room, hang a painting or a mirror. Mirrors give the illusion of space to smaller-sized rooms. Floating shelves are great for displaying china, family photos or sentimental pieces.

Tip: Table centerpieces are easily changed. Grab things around your house or fresh flowers from the garden and keep sprucing up your dining room all year round.
With just a few easy changes you can have a whole new room!

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