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Color plays an important role in the world because it can change the way people think, how they act, and how they feel. It can also affect peoples eyes and emotions. So why is it important for colors to compliment each other?



Color Wheel

The Color Wheel is based off of three main colors; red, yellow, and blue. These are also known as primary colors which are the basis of all other colors aside from the shades of black and white.





Black and white make up different shades like gray for example. Depending on which primary colors you mix together, you will be able to create a multitude of different colors. For example, orange, green, and violet. 



This leads into another category that brings together harmonious color combos which are also known as color schemes. These are important when it comes to painting or deciding which colors look well together. Here are some examples of colors that go well together.




Another important aspect to color is knowing the difference between “warm” and “cool” colors. “Warm” colors are known to exhibit energy and joy while “cool” colors tend to convey calmness and peace. Here is an example of how to differentiate between “warm” and “cool” colors. 





There are many different Applications you can use to help you decide on different color pallets and color schemes that are based off of a 1-5 star scale.

Color Hunter (5/5)

Pocket Pallet (5/5)

Coolers (4.5/5)

Pallet Republic (4/5)

Pocket Color Wheel (4/5)



Color theory is important when looking for paint. Here are three “Rules of Thumb” from Apartment Therapy.

  1. More than one color in a room can look great, but if you go in that direction, keep it to three colors maximum. If you are going with two bold colors, the third should be a neutral to give your eye a break.
  2. When choosing your colors start by choosing your boldest color, and then choose the others with the first color in mind.
  3. Don’t be scared! Paint is not permanent and you can always change it.





Be confident in your color choice now that you know some background about pallets, the color wheel, and color schemes. For more information feel free to check out The Psychology Behind Color.




Painters Starter Checklist



Foam Brush


Roller Covers

Bristle Paint Brush

Paint Tray

Paint Tray Liners

Stir Sticks

Painters Tape


For more information about preparation and cleaning up after your masterpiece Click Here.

Tips to Store Rollers and Brushes

Rollers and brushes can be extremely hard to clean out ESPECIALLY when you aren’t completely done using them. A simple and easy way to store you roller is to simply wrap it in a wet towel, place it in a plastic bag, and then throw it in the refrigerator. To store your brushes, cut a hole in the bottom left or right corner of a Ziploc sandwich bag (cut a large enough hole to fit the handle of the paint brush through it), unzip the baggie and place the handle of the brush through the hole, zip it and put it in the refrigerator as well. IT IS JUST THAT EASY!

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