Outdoor Living Tips

From upgrading furniture to keeping the bugs away and everywhere in between, an outdoor living space should be part of your summer to-do checklist. Making guests feel welcome and comfortable are some things that every host wants to provide their guests. Show your guests a good time with a new and modernized outdoor living space based on the six categories below.

Upgrade Furniture

The type of furniture you invest in is important. Not only do you want this furniture to last, but you also want it to match the environment you live in.

Aluminum is rust-proof and offers superior durability that endures for many seasons. Lightweight aluminum is easy to move and store. It also dissipates heat, keeping it cooler than steel in direct sunlight. Aluminum frames usually have a 5-7 year limited warranty.


Sling Fabric is comfortable option that does not require the maintenance of cushions. It’s easy to clean and dries quickly, making it ideal for wet or exposed areas.

Steel is heavier than aluminum and highly durable. Modern treatments such as powder/electro-coating help prevent rusting and extend longevity.

Eucalyptus Wood is naturally resistant to insects and decay. It features a straight light wood grain similar to teak. Maintenance is simple with natural linseed or other hardwood oils to protect the durable stained finish.

Olefin is a premium high-density, lightweight woven fabric featuring a comfortable soft “hand.” It’s strong, colorfast, abrasion-resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean.

All weather wicker is a low maintenance, durable resin material with a classic look that won’t peel or flake like natural wicker. It’s woven over either an aluminum or steel frame.

Spun polyester is a soft, strong fabric that resists shrinkage and will not stretch.

Resin/Polyurethane will never rust, rot, or need repairing. It wipes clean easily and often comes in bold, playful colors.

Sunbrella is a 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric designed for durability and comfort. This top-of-the-line performance fabric offers superior resistance to fading, mold and mildew due to sun, wind and rain exposure. The fabric has 98% UV protection and a 5-year limited warranty.



Having the appropriate grill is another outdoor necessity. Click HERE to check out some of the grills we carry here at Waters True Value.

Color Scheme

Color is a large part in tying your outdoor living space all together. Check out the following blog links to find out what moods different colors represent as well as which colors work well together.





There are many benefits to outdoor lighting. Below are a couple of examples.

Appearance plays a large role in benefiting outdoor lighting. Lighting makes the home visible after the sun goes down. This makes it easy for your house and its’ features stand out from the surrounding houses. Because outdoor lighting makes the house visible after the sun goes down, it also brings functionality to your house. It allows for nicely lit dinners and conversations at night away from the hot summer sun. A more lit house makes it a less likely target for burglars and other crimes giving your house a form of home security. With more lighting there are less places for criminals to hide especially if entrance places around your home are lit as well. Lastly, outdoor lighting makes it easy to move among your yard, deck, etc. with fewer injuries because it is easy to see. It is important to provide your family and friends safety while enjoying each others company. Here are some products we carry at Waters True Value that can help light your outdoor living space.

  • string lights (sku: 241487; 241480)
  • Post Lights (sku: 244206)
  • Solar pathway lighting (sku: 241347; 241354)
  • decorative lanterns (sku: 247612; 247617)
  • firepits (sku: 225521; 242399; 186778)

For a better understanding on fire safety, click HERE. 


Seating Options

Seating options are a lot easier to decide when you think about what you would like your outdoor living area to be used for. For example, if you are using your outdoor living area for dining rather than sitting and chatting, you may need an outdoor patio table and chairs as compared to a coffee table surrounded by a lounge chair and a love seat. This may also determine whether you buy cushioned or woven/ sunbrella seating options. Here are some examples of some seating options we have here at Waters True Value. 

  • deckbox/outdoor shed (sku: 131704)
    • dining set (sku: 212347)
    • sitting (sku: 243176)

There are also a couple of ways to help store your patio furniture in order to prevent mold and mildew. A deck box is a nice addition to any deck to store blankets, decorative pillows as well as the cushions from cushioned patio furniture. Deck boxes can also be found at Waters True Value. Make your furniture last with a deck box.


Tips to Keep Bugs Away

 I think one thing nobody wants at a get together are bugs. Help prevent against these unwanted guests using some of these products sold in the Waters True Value stores.


Make sure to dump any still water regularly in order to prevent against insect breeding grounds. 





Aesthetic Tips

Bird feeders and bird baths are an easy way to attract many local birds making it easy to bird watch in your very own backyard. For information on how to properly clean and care for a birdbath, click HERE

Decorative pillows can be used to pull many articles of furniture and accessories together making your whole outdoor living area pleasing to the eye.

Installing a pond can be beautiful to look at because there are so many features that can go into making it, but it also can inhabit many different organisms from fish to beautiful aquatic plants. To find out more about creating a healthy pond ecosystem click HERE. You can also check out The Water Page for other pond information.    


Flower Gardens can add many beautiful colors and fragrances to your outdoor living space as well as attract many beautiful butterflies and bees.

For other ways to create your own compost pile click HERE. Also check out some other Pro-Tips for planting in the summer. Below are a couple of products carried at the Waters True Value stores that could provide your outdoor living space with some other aesthetic looks. 

  • rug (sku: 231840; 242536)

  • swing (sku: 199469; 199541)(SKU: 230747)

  • Bench (sku: 211932)

  • Stone pathway’s are an easy way to give your guests a sense of adventure as well as direction. If you are looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your own stone pathway, click HERE.

Expert Advice

Make an outdoor area feel like an extension of the house by using the same color palette and style of furniture that are featured in the interiors…” – Matthew Yee of Matthew Yee Interiors

“Select monochromatic furniture and fabrics to blend the exterior landscaping with interior comfort. Embrace nature and play off of the natural surroundings with greenery, flowers, and stone.” Linda Ruderman of Linda Ruderman Interiors

“For outdoor spaces, make sure that the seating is comfortable and laid out well for conversation. I also always add plenty of throws to cover up with on a cold evening!” Meredith Ellis of Meredith Ellis Design 

For easy entertaining and outdoor enjoyment, add amenities and conveniences found in indoor spaces.” Pamela Hughes of Hughes Design Associates

With any outdoor space, it’s also important to pay attention to durability of fabrics.” – Ken Gemes of Ken Gemes Interiors  

Cushions are a great look, but if you aren’t the type to bring them in at the first sign of rain, consider going with furniture that doesn’t need cushions at all.” Christopher Stevens of Christopher Stevens

“Avoid matched sets of furniture. A balance of wood, metal, stone, glass or all weather wicker will provide more textural interest.” Ryan Brown and Diego Monchamp, of Brown Design Group 

“To make a space perfect for entertaining, focus on creating comfortable seating that is welcoming to guests.” Ginger Barber, of Ginger Barber Design

“Choose furniture that blends well with the architecture and design of nearby spaces.” – Susan Bozeman, of Susan B. Bozeman Design



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