The e-cloth: This is No Gimmick

I have a cabinet (and drawer and shelves and cute plastic tubs) full of the latest and greatest cleaning products. They were all guaranteed to make my life easier. They were supposed to clean better, faster, and last a lifetime. And now? They sit collecting dust.


  • e-cloth Window Cleaning Kit
  • All Purpose e-cloth
  • Water

I found, after trying each of them, that their promises didn’t hold up, and they were too expensive to throw away. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe if I tried them another time, (perhaps when the moon is full?) they would work? So when I found the e-cloth…well, the siren song of easier cleaning really called to me. But I also knew that realistically, it would probably end up in the cabinet with the others.

I was wrong.

I feel like shouting it from the rooftops. The e-cloth is so amazing I can’t stop talking (and thinking) about it. No way could a cloth (a cloth!) clean with only water, but also clean better than all those products you have stored away? That’s a claim so far fetched…how could it possibly be true?? Well, it is. I don’t know how it works. I don’t care how it works. I just know that it does.

I have lots of windows in my house. Lots. And I also live in the country. This means that dirt covers my windows and front door constantly. And that’s not even addressing the issue of my gazillion children and their wipes and smears all over the place. I would feel a twinge of guilt every time I looked at a window. Or my stainless steel fridge with two-day-old jelly smeared on it.  And the microwave? UGH. It just never stops. The dirt and the grime. I can’t keep up with it. Not without some kind of magic. (enter magic…)

With a weave that picks up aforementioned dirt and grime using just water (water!), e-cloths leave sparkling magic dust in their wake. It’s effortless. It’s beautiful…and it almost makes one feel guilty. And a little skeptical. It can’t be as easy as that right?

e-cloth product photos


For my windows I used the window cleaning kit, which comes with a cleaning cloth and a magic “streak-free finish” cloth. I used that one damp cloth on 13 ridiculously dirty windows (inside and out), the siding and sills around each window (inside and out), as well as all the mirrors in my house, glass shower walls, and the disgusting glass pendant over the sink. In the past, I would have gone through 2 rolls of paper towels and quit after 3 windows. And guess how much time it took to clean all of that? 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES! And it was fun. I kept looking for more things to clean, and I can assure you that this never happens in my house.

I also used the all-purpose cloth, which is just a single step product, on my appliances, counters, kitchen table, baseboards, and wait for it…my floors (I was so on a roll.). This was all with the same cloth. I would rinse it every so often, but despite looking a little dingy, it never stopped performing.

Gardening. Seedlings


Gone are the days of toting around your various sprays and foams, the different sponges and cloths, the paper towels and wipes. My cleaning life has been transformed, and I’m spreading the news…and the magic!

Let me know about your cleaning woes in the comments and we’ll tackle them together…one magical step at a time.


2 comments on “The e-cloth: This is No Gimmick

  1. Wow …… We have no children at home anymore, BUT I have a gazillion windows and a sun room. Can you come and clean them for me to test the e-cloth? haaaaaa Just kidding. Good job. Nice write up and advertisement. My wife has them and uses them for everything.


    1. Jeff,
      I love the e-cloth SO much I would come to your house just so I could use them! I’m glad you are using it and loving it!

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