Sponsorships & Donations


Waters Hardware and Gerken Rent-All are proud to support the communities we serve. With both our retail and rental inventory, we receive an exceptional number of requests for contributions. Please note that requests must be directed to either the retail hardware side or to the rental side of our organization, and cannot be both.

We respect time and effort you are providing for your event, and we will carefully consider your request. However, to prevent any misunderstandings, please carefully read sections A and B of our Request for Contribution form for more information, including our policy on requests that are universally not eligible for consideration.

To allow us to keep proper operational and financial control, we must review our advance reservations, our work schedule and our contribution budget before we can make a decision on your request. Your request will be forwarded to our corporate office for consideration. The response will be returned to the location you made the request at, and you will need to contact that location for the response. Please allow one week processing time before contacting the location.



Request for Contribution Form

Please complete the form, retaining the first sheet for your records, and email (info@gerkenrentall.com) or fax to 913-731-5990. Thank you!