Sponsorships & Donations


Waters Policy

We wish we could contribute to every cause, but like most businesses, we simply cannot afford to do so. Our policy is to try our best to help out most organizations or groups having some involvement in our market. In addition, we contribute to some other groups, civic organizations and various other local fund raising activities that are taking place in areas where we have strong community ties.

In order to fairly distribute our donation budget we limit one donation per organization within a calendar year. Please note, due to the volume of requests we receive, they will be processed in order by event or “need-by” date. Please allow at least one month for your request to be approved.


Outright donations are cash or in-kind (merchandise) contributions not exchanged for equal value advertising or public relations.


Sponsorship is the exchange of cash, services and/or in-kind (merchandise or gift cards) for equal or greater advertising or public relations value.



Please complete the online form below (please do not submit more than one request).

Sponsorship/Donation Request Form