This Memorial Day…



Originally called, “Decoration Day,” Memorial Day is a day of honor and remembrance for those who have passed while serving. It was referred to as, “Decoration Day,” due to all of the decorated headstones of all fallen American military personnel. Many people decorate the headstones with small flags as well as Red Poppies. Red Poppies are the official flower for Memorial Day. On Memorial Day it is customary to fly the American Flag at half-mast until noon. The national remembrance of these heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice happens at three o’clock pm local time. Take a moment to remember all of those who have fallen for your freedom.




For more information, check out Veterans Alliance.




Flag Retirement

Flag Retirement is the term used to define that proper, dignified way of destroying a United States Flag that are in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display and should be destroyed by burning it. See United States Flag Code Title 4 Sec.8k.

If you feel you need to retire your flag, try these two tips first.

  1. Machine wash your flag with mild detergent and cold water. After it has been washed, hang or lay it flat to dry.
  2. Try to mend tattered areas on the flag at its’ first signs of wear.


There are many local organizations that can properly retire your flag. If you can’t find anyone to retire your flag, that is okay. Anyone is authorized to retire a flag however, flags should be retired in a private, non-public location. If you can’t have open fires, contact an organization that retires flags or separate the blue star field from stripes and divide the strips. The pieces may be respectfully interred as part of a ceremony. By keeping the blue star field in contact it symbolizes that the unity of our union an should not be broken.


For more information visit Flags USA.



Also, in order to show your support click HERE in order to learn how to create an American Flag pallet in four simple and easy steps.