This Memorial Day…



Originally called, “Decoration Day,” Memorial Day is a day of honor and remembrance for those who have passed while serving. It was referred to as, “Decoration Day,” due to all of the decorated headstones of all fallen American military personnel. Many people decorate the headstones with small flags as well as Red Poppies. Red Poppies are the official flower for Memorial Day. On Memorial Day it is customary to fly the American Flag at half-mast until noon. The national remembrance of these heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice happens at three o’clock pm local time. Take a moment to remember all of those who have fallen for your freedom.




For more information, check out Veterans Alliance.




Flag Retirement

Flag Retirement is the term used to define that proper, dignified way of destroying a United States Flag that are in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display and should be destroyed by burning it. See United States Flag Code Title 4 Sec.8k.

If you feel you need to retire your flag, try these two tips first.

  1. Machine wash your flag with mild detergent and cold water. After it has been washed, hang or lay it flat to dry.
  2. Try to mend tattered areas on the flag at its’ first signs of wear.


There are many local organizations that can properly retire your flag. If you can’t find anyone to retire your flag, that is okay. Anyone is authorized to retire a flag however, flags should be retired in a private, non-public location. If you can’t have open fires, contact an organization that retires flags or separate the blue star field from stripes and divide the strips. The pieces may be respectfully interred as part of a ceremony. By keeping the blue star field in contact it symbolizes that the unity of our union an should not be broken.


For more information visit Flags USA.



Also, in order to show your support click HERE in order to learn how to create an American Flag pallet in four simple and easy steps.

4 Items You Should Be Renting for the Holidays

Waters True Value is more than just a hardware store. We also provide quality rental equipment for contractors, do-it-yourselfers and party and wedding events. You name it, we probably rent it.

With the holidays approaching, here are a few suggestions from your friends at Waters on what you should be renting:

  1. TABLES &


We know how it goes. The whole family is coming over for Thanksgiving and you’re thinking to yourself, “How in the world am I supposed to fit all these *cough (crazy) cough* people in my house?!” You’ll put a few of the adults at the dining table, a few on the couch in the living room and of course the kids at the designated “kids table”. But what about the rest of that big family of yours? Are they supposed to take shifts? Wait to eat until a free chair is available? You could easily go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on fold out tables and chairs, but then where would you store them until the next year? (Since honestly, how often are you really going to pull those out?)

Here is an easy solution for you – just RENT them. You’ll spend half the cost of what it would be to buy and you won’t have to worry about storing them year after year. And the best part – if you rent through Waters Rental, we can even deliver and pick them up for you! It doesn’t get any easier. Make grandma proud and make sure the whole family has a seat to feast this Thanksgiving.

View our selection of table rentals here.


Whether you’re organizing a holiday work party for the office, or just planning your own family’s holiday feast, chafing dish sets are a MUST. Seriously, they are a hosts’ dream come true, especially if your event/get-together isn’t professionally catered.

Chafing dish sets keep your food warm and allow your guests to serve themselves buffet style. Having a Thanksgiving dinner? Display your food in an attractive way and don’t worry about having to keep reheating things in the oven or on the stove top. If you don’t entertain frequently, renting these dishes is the best option. Plus, empty out what’s leftover after your event and Waters Rental will do the rest! That’s right – you can put the soap and sponge aside. Waters Rental will have your dish sets professionally cleaned after use.

View our selection of chafing dish set rentals here.


Patio heaters are the perfect holiday event addition to help make space of your outdoor areas long after the 80-90 degree weather has passed. Don’t keep your family and friends cooped up under your roof. Open those doors and let them venture outside to enjoy some fresh air. You will all be toasty warm from the heat radiating off these patio heaters.

If the weather is nice enough and you have an overflow of family and friends over to taste that should-be-award-winning holiday meal, set up tables outside and place a couple patio heaters nearby to let everyone enjoy their meal comfortably.

View our 40-44,000 BTU Patio Heater rentals here.

Visit or click the Rentals tab at the top of this page to view our full rental catalog. Visit/call your local store for more details.

Green Lights for Veterans!

There’s a movement to light up neighborhoods across the US with green in honor of veterans this November 11. We are humbled by the service of our military personnel, so we’re all about this endeavor!

Except for one small problem…it appears green lightbulbs are in short supply. So we found three easy ways to turn those green lights on at your house and in your neighborhoods…and what a great way to get your kids involved in an awesome project!

Break Out the Glue

via Barefoot Crafting

Mix up some Elmer’s Glue and green food coloring and you get a nice bright, but see through, green.


Green Glow

via A Pumpkin and a Princess
via A Pumpkin and a Princess

Mason Jars and glow in the dark paint, like this one from Rust-o-leum or this Krylon spray paint. Couple it with a battery operated tea light and the glow would be amazing!


Tissue Paper

via Etsy
via Etsy

Like the above projects, the goal is to line the jar to get its green color – this one uses tissue paper, Mod Podge and a battery operated candle.


Which project do you like the best, have another great tip? Let us know!


10 Reasons Renting is AWESOME.

When I think of items you can rent, well…it’s more on the mundane side. Been there, done that. Wood Floor Sander? Check. Post Hole Digger? Check. Sigh. Moving on…

But in the course of my work, I’ve happened upon a GOLD MINE of items for rent at WTV. I’m so stoked about them, I’m thinking party at my house every weekend this summer.

1. Bungee Run

I can seriously see myself as the lady on the left. Going all out…meaning business…taking no names. Pure awesome.

Bungee Run - Waters True Value Rental
Bungee Run – Waters True Value Rental Photo from

2. Sticky Wall

Oh, you had a sticky wall at your party this last weekend? No biggie. Just the MOST. FUN. EVER.

Sticky Wall Waters True Value Rental;
Sticky Wall – photo by Gary Cosby Jr. 4/18/07

3. Foam Pit

I can’t expand on the greatness of a foam pit with mere words. It’s just too amazing for that. For real.

Foam Pit Rental Waters True Value Rental
Foam Pit – Waters True Value Rental. Photo by

4. Tug-of-War

This gets my competitive blood totally boiling. The smack talk and taunting would reach EPIC levels at my house.

Tug of War Inflatable- Waters True Value Rental
Tug of War Inflatable – Waters True Value Rental . Photo by:

5. Nacho Cheese Dispenser

You don’t really need a party to enjoy this one. Nacho Cheese is a good idea anytime in my book.

Nacho Cheese Dispenser - Waters True Value Rental
Nacho Cheese Dispenser – Waters True Value Rental

6. Dunk Tank

The major perk of dunk tanks are that you get to see your friends/boss/teacher/strangers look like this:

Dunk Tank Fun & Games - Waters True Value Rental
Dunk Tank Fun & Games – Waters True Value Rental Photo by:

7.  Obstacle Course

Wait. You mean I can create my very own Total Wipeout (dry)?? Done and Done.

Obstacle Course Waters True Value Rental
Obstacle Course Waters True Value Rental

8.  Slushie Machine

The practicalities of this are obvious. Kid’s birthday parties, grown up parties…facial slushies…say no more.

Slushie Machine - Waters True Value Rental: Photo Cred: Robert Dant NY Times
Slushie Machine – Waters True Value Rental: Photo Cred: Robert Dant NY Times

9. Big Ol’ Grill

Did you ever want to be the one that manned the Big Ol’ Grill at a super duper party at your house? Yah, me neither. But if you know, you did…OWN IT on our Big Ol’ Grill. Yummy hot dog pic is just because it’s your lucky day.

Grills and Dogs. Waters True Value Rental  Photo Cred:
Grills and Dogs. Waters True Value Rental Photo Cred:

10. Wait for it…LASER TAG.

Want to whoop up on your kids? Rent this and start practicing NOW. Find their weaknesses and prepare to dominate.

Laser Tag Done the Right Way - Waters True Value Rental. Photo Cred: Tippman  Sports
Laser Tag Done the Right Way – Waters True Value Rental. Photo Cred: Tippman Sports


Who knew Waters Rental was after my very own heart? Sigh. I think I may be in love. What are you wanting to rent that you think will change your life forever?